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Can I have a gallery?

Chances are very slim because I tend to only add featured artists these days. But please do send me some works and I will let you know if you get a gallery. If not I will let you know why and maybe give you some advice on how to improve your work. Then you can always re-apply at a later stage.

No copied poses, no lines paper, only digital art or clean scans of traditional works.

Just email me some samples of your work, preferably as a link to an online gallery. If that's not possible then you can attach 2 or 3 pieces (jpg, gif, or similar. No bmp or psd files!) of your work to an email and send it to (Subject: "Sailormoon Fanart Submission") and I'll let you know if I want to see more.

Don't worry, I'll be kind. ;)

Recommendations of artists you would like to see here are always welcome!

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Can I have a gallery?